Rachel Nshemerirwe is the founder of Esther’s Publications, a company that prizes itself on focusing on Christian literature , over 20 books authored by Rachel Nshemerirwe have been self published along different short stories and articles. Rachel Nshemerirwe has been born-again over 20 years and, in this time, the Lord has ministered wisdom and grace to her through the Holy Spirit. These publications were written according to the instructions of the Holy Spirit who wants to help people live blessed and fulfilled lives as they learn about God’s heart of love toward them through Jesus Christ. Rachel resides in Kampala, Uganda.

Rachel is passionate about reading books, because it is through reading that one’s mind is challenged, without reading anything people tend to stagnate in one area of understanding.

“The people with the greatest minds carry the tenacity to read” Rachel Nshemerirwe


Cliff is a born-again Christian that is passionate about proclaiming the gospel whenever opportunity is availed. He is a man on a mission to proclaim the good news to the lost and to demonstrate the love of God to the hurting world. He preaches in prisons, taxis, on streets, on social media and churches whenever invited. Born in Kabarole district found in Uganda, Cliff grew up to love God because of his parents who were both devoted Christians and wouldn’t miss attending church. At the age of six, Cliff accepted salvation after watching a Christian drama at church titled heaven’s gates and hell’s flames. In the year 2015, Cliff was awakened to the amazing love of God through the grace message. This drew him into seeking a deeper relationship with God. Since then, he continues to preach of the love and grace of God everywhere he goes.

Mrs. Mpuuga Doreen Kakyo is a motivational speaker, whose inspiration comes from the word of God. She loves people and her desire is to impact the lives of many through sharing the word of God. She is a woman of virtue and integrity, whose journey with Lord is a great benefit to the body of Christ and to everyone who will listen to her. Under the ministration of the Holy Spirit she has been graced with wisdom and understanding of the scriptures in ways that will greatly minister the love of God through Christ Jesus to others.