• Loved

    Through understanding the relationship that Jesus had with God as father, this book shows the heart of God toward his children and how we can learn to accept his tender, family love in our lives in order to experience healing from brokenness and the true freedom to live to the full.

  • Holy Spirit

    Ignorance of  these weapons renders believers helpless and weak. This books reveals to every believer the hidden power in the ministry of the Holy Spirit as every believer's greatest weapon of warfare.

    Holy Spirit
  • Sustaining the Fire

    The refinery is a place of alignment and growth, bringing forth higher and superior
    versions of oneself, without it, people stagnate in
    one position, but as the Lord deals with different
    individuals people realize that they can do what they initially thought was impossible.

    Sustaining the Fire
  • Hires of God

    Hires of God

The Author

There is a generation that has been born and it is hungry for information and knowledge. No other generation has been hungry for information like this generation, the number of children on smart phones and on the internet far exceeds the adults that have access to the same platforms

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