Our Purpose

The above Vision and Mission can be achieved through the accurate demystification of the word of God and the Ministry of the Holy Spirit to God’s people through these books, publications and outreaches. Proverbs 23:3-4, “Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled, with all precious and pleasant riches.” (NKJV) The Word of God contains wisdom, knowledge and understanding, without these one’s destiny is short changed, however, though people have had access to the word without appropriate applicability a believer is still bound to fail. Therefore, through accurate demystification, which simply means to make something clear and easily understood the word of God can easily be applied to the everyday life of a believer, which in turn brings forth success and fulfilment. The purpose of Esther’s publications is therefore, to accurately demystify the word of God to every person, in a bid to bring about fulfillment.