A Message from the Author

There is a generation that has been born and it is hungry for information and knowledge. No other generation has been hungry for information like this generation, the number of children on smart phones and on the internet far exceeds the adults that have access to the same platforms. Unfortunately, the system of the world is controlling the narrative and this means that in a few years from now we will see the full impact of what it means to have a generation that is not taught in the ways of the Lord!

Esther’s publications is offering a solution to this challenge by offering people and students across the world an alternative to the narrative that is being heard and seen. Through the spread of pocket size publications. These pocket-size publications, have the gospel of our Lord demystified in a sizeable account that can be carried along. They are comprehensively written to include the necessary scriptures, with the intention that once someone opens the book,it’s a one stop centre.One is not limited to the hard copies but also has access to this content on an online platform, where the books can be accessed, read and even downloaded.

In addition to the above, several shows have been recorded on the YouTube channel, with the intention of demystifying the gospel even further.

Esther’s publications – Demystifying Christ